GATE - German Apprenticeship Training Exchange

GATE (German Apprenticeship Training Exchange) is a grant program of the Joachim Herz Foundation (JHF) that aims to make it easier for trainees to gain experience in the United States and in Canada and to share ideas and knowledge with their peers.

The GATE program supports new or existing exchange projects between German vocational schools and partner schools or colleges in the U.S. or in Canada with grants of up to €20,000. All German vocational schools are eligible to apply and can allocate parts of the German grant to fund a visit to Germany by students and faculty from a partner college in the U.S. or Canada. The application must be submitted by the German vocational school, which receives the approved funds in the form of a donation.

Learn more about the GATE program in our flyer.

Helping Trainees Gain International Experience

Promoting intercultural exchange between young professionals (“Azubis”: vocational students and apprentices) is one of the core activities within the program area “Personal Development” at the Joachim Herz Foundation. Germany’s dual vocational education system in technical, business, and numerous other trades is an important and popular career path. In it, apprentices combine employment at German companies with classroom learning in structured course programs at  vocational schools at the same time.

The opportunities for trainees to gain international experience during thiseir training period are limited. Whereas around 30% of the German students in higher education gain international experience during their studies, at present only 5% of “Azubis” have this opportunity, even though the interest in internships abroad has risen among trainees in recent years.

The Joachim Herz Foundation is working to close this “opportunity gap” through its GATE program as well as the program “Azubis Go USA & Canada” which enable trainees to complete an internship in the U.S. and in Canada.


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