Research promotion

We support innovative, transfer-oriented research in order to create concrete solutions for urgent social challenges.

With our Add-on Fellowships, we support young scientists from the fields of business and natural sciences who are working on interdisciplinary research issues. The "innovate! Academies" help researchers who are developing application-oriented solutions at the interfaces between engineering, natural sciences and medicine, and with our institutional funding, "innovate! Centers", we demonstrate at selected universities how research can be systematically transferred to application and society through appropriate structures


Applied research

innovate! Center

By establishing the interdisciplinary "innovate! Center" innovative Materials for Sustainable Technologies, twe aim to overcome systemic barriers in the transfer process in a particularly relevant research field.

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Interdisciplinary research

Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Life Science

With the Add-on Fellowship, we support PhD students from different disciplines who are working on interdisciplinary questions in the field of life sciences and related research fields.

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Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Economics

The funding will support up to 50 young scientists and postdocs in working on economic research questions with an interdisciplinary focus.

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