We are committed to the areas of personal development, business and the natural sciences with various support offerings. In addition, we support high-risk, application-oriented research at the interfaces between engineering and the natural sciences in the "Research and Application" area.

Current tenders

Innovation Academy for Applied Infection Research

We support novel, interdisciplinary, and at best even original and high-risk research projects that are intended to be applied in practice. For the current call, we are looking for applicants who conduct research at the interface of medicine, engineering and the natural sciences and want to bring novel developments into practical application. The call runs until April 30, 2023.

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Zu sehen sind fünf Podiumsgäste, die leicht schräg fotografiert wurden. Der Moderator schaut die Gäste an und eine Teilnehmerin spricht. Zwei männliche Gäste schauen in die Kamera.

"Begegnungszonen" - promotion for events

With our "Begegnungszonen", we support the conception and implementation of interdisciplinary events for young scientists. The call is aimed at organizers of workshops, symposia, colloquia, meetings and conferences as well as summer and winter schools in the natural sciences. Interested parties can apply until May 16, 2023.

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Drei Fellows sitzen an einem Tisch, auf dem ein Dokument liegt. Zwei der Fellows schauen sich nachdenklich an.

Kolleg Didaktik:digital

How can teaching and learning with digital media succeed in schools and universities? To investigate this question, we are funding concepts for teaching and learning with and via digital media in science teaching with up to 15,000 euros. Apply now until May 16, 2023!

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Individual promotion

We focus on individual support through scholarships, personal counseling and support with a strengths-based approach. In the area of personal development, we support students and trainees, while in the fields of business and natural sciences, young scientists receive financial and non-material support for research projects through the Add-on Fellowships.

Zwei junge Männer und eine junge Frau stehen vor einem lila Hintergrund und lachen in die Kamera.

"grips gewinnt"

"grips gewinnt" promotes committed and talented students from the 9th grade onwards who have to overcome social, financial or cultural hurdles with a broad educational program and financial support.

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Zwei Azubis lesen sich eine Aufgabe durch.

Azubi Kolleg Lübeck

The Azubi Kolleg Lübeck strengthens motivated and motivated trainees with a broad educational program: Over a period of one and a half years, the scholarship holders deepen their personal and social skills in workshops, seminars and training sessions.

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Die ehemalige Stipendiatin Anna Börner mit einer US-Flagge vor der Skyline Atlantas

Azubis go USA & Canada

Stays abroad are career-enhancing and enriching - yet there are only a few offers for apprentices. That's why our scholarship program enables internships and college visits in the USA and Canada.

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Eine Add-on Fellow im Laborkittel blickt über ihr Mikroskop hinweg in die Kamera

Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Life Science

With the Add-on Fellowship, we support PhD students from different disciplines who are working on interdisciplinary questions in the field of life sciences and related research fields.

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Die ehemalige Add-on Fellow Prof. Dr. Janina Steinert, TU München, steht mit einem Laptop vor einer gläsernen Wand

Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Economics

The funding will support up to 50 young scientists and postdocs in working on economic research questions with an interdisciplinary focus.

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Year-round support programs

Kinder stehen um einen Tisch und bearbeiten mit Feilen Steine.


With Perlenfonds ("Pearl Fund"), we support innovative projects whose content is oriented toward the natural sciences, business and personal development with up to 25,000 euros.

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Schüler:innen und Lehrkräfte pflegen gemeinsam den Schulgarten

Learning in Langenhorn

With "Lernen in Langenhorn" (Learning in Langenhorn), we have developed a funding program aimed at Langenhorn neighbors, schools, daycare centers, communities and associations, among others. Projects receive up to 5,000 euros in funding.

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Drei Lehrkräfte schauen auf Baupläne für das Technikprojekt

VDI Joachim Herz Technology Fund

In cooperation with the Association of German Engineers (VDI), we provide funding of up to 3,000 euros for engineering projects that get students excited about technology.

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Science Communication

Eine Person zeigt auf einen Laptop, im Vordergrund sind Diagramme und Datenvisualisierungen zu sehen

We provide targeted funding for projects and initiatives in the field of science communication: With the Science Journalism Innovation Fund, we support concepts that improve innovation processes in journalism. In the field of business, we promote open access platforms such as the online journal JUMS.


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Educational projects

With our funding in the field of education, we want to contribute to improving equality of opportunity in the education system. With "heimspiel. For Education, we are strengthening local education networks in Hamburg; as part of "Every School Day Counts," we have developed measures to combat truancy and academic failure; and with our "Megafon - Prize for Language Education and Language Support for Adolescents and Young Adults," we are honoring projects that enable social participation.


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Transatlantic Exchange

Projects with and in the USA have a special significance for the Joachim Herz Foundation: The founder Joachim Herz had a close relationship with the USA. With various projects, such as our "Trainees USA & Canada" funding line or the "AtlanticTalks" event series, we strengthen transatlantic exchange.


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