Putting scientific findings into practice

Multiple crises, from climate change and energy and resource shortages to inflation and pandemics, constitute our present. New technologies can help to create solutions. We have made it our new task to play a targeted role in this.

For example, interdisciplinary and transfer-oriented research projects in the natural sciences and engineering can help to develop concrete ideas for the energy and water supply of cities, landscapes and industries - for example through new materials for more effective use of photovoltaics or through the use of artificial intelligence to better assess and respond to the consequences of climate change. Current challenges in medicine, such as pandemics and antibiotic resistance, can be better solved by incorporating scientific and technical perspectives.

innovate! Center

We aim to overcome systemic barriers in the transfer process in a particularly relevant research field. The center is intended to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in science and offer top researchers an ideal environment to realize transfer-relevant research projects and make the results usable.

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Eine Wissenschaftlerin im Labor, die eine VR-Brille trägt und einen DNA-Strang bearbeitet, der vor ihr projiziert wird.

innovate! Academy

We support scientists on their way from basic research to market maturity. To this end, they receive financial support for their research as well as a comprehensive seminar programme. For two years, they become members of the "innovate! Academy" and benefit from learning together and exchanging ideas with other grantees.

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