HIAS - Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study

A place for interdisciplinary research and exchange.

Zwei Wissenschaftlerinnen und ein Wissenschaftler schauen auf ein Laptop. Eine der Wissenschaftlerinnen zeigt mit einem Stift auf etwas.

At HIAS, researchers and artists from all over the world can work on projects of their own choice in a creative atmosphere, free from teaching or administrative obligations, and foster interdisciplinary exchange. With our funding, we support the stay of natural scientists, economists, lawyers, physicians and engineers.

Katrin Hammerschmidt, HIAS-Fellow, spricht bei der Eröffnung des HIAS.

About HIAS

The Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) was founded in 2019 by nine Hamburg scientific institutions. Up to 20 researchers and artists from all over the world can carry out research projects of their own choice in Hamburg. The interdisciplinary exchange among each other is promoted, but also the dialogue with local scientists and people. To ensure that this succeeds, all fellows have a tandem partner from one of the nine HIAS member institutions and they hold at least one public event.

Direct to HIAS

Maryana Yaremko, Fellowship am HIAS

"I live in hope of going back soon."

Since April 2022, German scholar Maryana Yaremko has been at HIAS in Hamburg on a fellowship for Ukrainian scholars funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation. In this interview, she tells us what motivated her.


Our commitment

We support fellowships for stays of 3 to 9 months at HIAS and thus enable the stay of several guest scientists from the subject areas of our foundation: natural sciences, economics, medicine, law and engineering. With this support, we would like to further strengthen Hamburg as a center of science and research, to which we have been committed for many years.

We also organize events with the fellows we support, for scientific exchange or for communication with the interested public.


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