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Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Life Science

We support up to 50 PhD students in their interdisciplinary research. Apply by June 6.

Die Add-on Fellow Marietta Zille forscht im Labor an der Zellkulturbank.

With the Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Life Science, we support PhD students & postdocs working on interdisciplinary issues at the interfaces between life sciences and physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering and related research fields.

For example, biologists can go into mathematics and modelers can go into life sciences.

What does the funding look like? 

Add-on Fellows receive financial support of up to 12,500 euros over a two-year period. These funds can be used flexibly for research, e.g. for: 

  • Participation in research stays, conference visits, continuing education or events,
  • Acquisition of special tools (e.g. hardware or software),
  • Data acquisition or collection,
  • Science communication activities,
  • Attendance at fellowship meetings.

In addition, Add-on Fellows can receive up to 3,000 euros for family & work compatibility, which they can use, for example, for childcare during conferences.

Who can apply?

PhD students and postdocs who are employed at a university or non-profit research institution in Germany or whose research is otherwise funded there (e.g. via a full scholarship) can apply.

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