Innovation Fund Science Journalism

The Innovation Fund for Science Journalism is a funding program for journalistic spin-offs. The aim is to improve the framework conditions for necessary innovation processes in science journalism.

Eine Person zeigt auf einen Laptop, im Vordergrund sind Diagramme und Datenvisualisierungen zu sehen


The fund is intended to encourage founders to break new ground in order to develop a high-quality science journalism offering under the conditions of the digital age.

The current crises and challenges show how relevant it is for politics and society to be informed about the findings of research and science in a transparent, professional and comprehensible manner. As an essential component of science communication, science journalism can enable individuals to understand complex issues in science and research, to form their own opinions and to act responsibly.

What does the Innovation Fund offer?

The Innovation Fund provides financial and advisory support to pioneers who want to break new ground in science and data journalism. 300,000 is made available annually for this purpose. There are two different funding lines:

  • In the experimental funding line A , up to 10,000 euros can be applied for.
  • In the long-term funding line B, up to 75,000 euros can be applied for.

In addition, 10 percent of the application amount can be used to obtain advice on tax, technical or legal issues from an external network of experts.

Further information

Who can apply?

The Innovation Fund is aimed at individuals, organizations and teams in Germany who want to break new ground in science and data journalism. Interested parties working outside journalism, such as programmers, who want to realize ideas for future-proof science and data journalism can also apply.

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Closing ranks with other foundations

We achieve more in cooperations than with individual measures. Together with the WPK, we were able to win additional supporters and continue to look for new supporters who want to join us in promoting innovative quality journalism on topics from science and research.

Partners of the Innovation Fund are:

  • Volkswagen Foundation
  • Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany
  • Schöpflin Foundation
  • Rudolf Augstein Foundation
  • Zeit Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the accompanying study on effectiveness measurement and evaluation.


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