Kolleg Didaktik:digital - application

Future concepts for teaching sought: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

Drei Fellows sitzen an einem Tisch, auf dem ein Dokument liegt. Zwei der Fellows schauen sich nachdenklich an.

In the Kolleg Didaktik:digital, scientists from the didactics of the natural sciences and physical education jointly explore the question of how digital media can be integrated into science teaching and develop concepts for this with their scientific expertise and practical experience. A special focus is on teacher training in order to familiarize future teachers at an early stage with teaching and learning in a digitally influenced world.

What is funded?

  • Teaching concepts and projects for teacher training courses in biology, chemistry and physics
  • Concepts in related areas of teacher training with a focus on the natural sciences, such as physical education and vocational education
  • Research projects in the above-mentioned disciplines, which include a transfer of research results into teacher training.

Who can apply?

  • Doctoral students, postdocs or junior professors in the field of didactics for science subjects or seconded teachers and academic councillors,
  • as well as comparably qualified junior staff in the didactics of biology, chemistry or physics, and in the teaching of science
  • or professional school teachers with a science emphasis.

Apply now through May 16, 2023!

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