Joachim Herz Prize 2024 - winners have been announced

The research group at the University of Hamburg is investigating the effects of climate protection measures from a socio-economic perspective.

Moritz Drupp and his team at the University of Hamburg have been awarded the Joachim Herz Prize 2024. The research project aims to provide information on the effects of environmental policy via a knowledge platform with interactive, Germany-wide maps. The practical and political relevance was decisive for the jury, as the research results on the distributional effects of environmental policy should be made available to the public. Users should be able to obtain detailed information on how their place of residence or a district is affected by climate protection measures.

The innovation of Drupp's research lies in the fact that it can show the extent to which sustainability policy can have very different economic effects in different regions. For example, while one region may benefit from the shutdown of a coal-fired power plant due to less air pollution, another region could suffer from the loss of a major employer.

"We very much welcome the jury's decision to award Moritz Drupp, as his research aims to make a transferable contribution to sustainable social transformation. The MEEP research project enables knowledge-based decision-making for necessary political measures as well as a necessary fact-based social debate," says Sabine Kunst, Chairwoman of the Joachim Herz Foundation.

The Joachim Herz Prize

The Joachim Herz Foundation awards the Joachim Herz Prize to socially relevant, interdisciplinary research or transfer projects. The research prize, endowed with 500,000 euros, is intended to support researchers in an early career phase. The funding enables the prizewinners to deepen their research or to pursue the transfer of their research projects into practical applications. The Joachim Herz Prize - Research for our Future is awarded annually, alternating between economics and physics, and will be awarded for the first time in 2024.

The award ceremony will take place in April 2024 as part of a conference lasting several days in Hamburg.

Photo credits: UHH/Ohme

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